Ecosystem services of cork wood

Ecosystem services of cork wood

carbon assessment & offset of fashion products

Project: Carbon assessment of Earth Top Handle bag (according to ISO 14067) and carbon offset by using ecosystem services in cork woods in Tuscany

Goals: Carbon neutrality of Earth Top Handle bag

Target: Stakeholder, Customer


Salvatore Ferragamo collaborates with Rete Clima and PEFC Italy for the safeguard and protection of a cork forest in Tuscany, by supporting a project aimed to its certification and to its sustainable management.

This project is focused on certification and improvement of forests: thanks to the PEFC forest certification and the following management actions on the cork wood and on the surrounding forestry areas, new ecosystem services will be generated in favor of both local quality of territory and global climate mitigation.

The absorption of CO2 produced by this local action will neutralize the greenhouse gases emissions due to the production of 500 pieces of the Earth Top Handle bag.

The place of this forestry project is located in Province of Grosseto, inside the “Tenuta of Paganico”, a beautiful natural place that covers 1,200 ha in South Tuscany.