Salvatore Ferragamo: progetti di tutela ambientale

Salvatore Ferragamo has always considered Sustainability as the focus of its development strategies.

In order to protect the environment, the Company pursues the goal to positively contribute to the protection and safeguard of natural world, through several activities aimed to minimize the environmental impact due to business activities.

The Company supports several wide-range activities in this field, including assessment and management of the Company and its products’ GHG.

The partnership with Rete Clima is aimed to this specific environmental action: the Company own products’ decarbonization by neutralizing the GHG emissions of some products, with the purpose to increase its environmental sustainability.

As follows the Carbon Offset projects supported by the Company:

November 2020: Carbon offset by supporting a wind farm - Maharashtra in India

April 2021: Carbon offset by supporting a wind farm - Philippines 

November 2022: MW Wind Power Project by National Enterprises - Tamil Nadu, India

Ecosystem services of cork woods in order to protect of a cork forest in Tuscany

The forest sustainable management activity in Tuscany is part of Foresta Italia, the new Rete Clima's national forestry campaign started in spring 2022 in partnership with Coldiretti and PEFC.



progetti di tutela
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